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medical chemical peels

Medical peels have become a recent craze in the skincare world. Not only does a chemical peel offer great benefits, but it one of the more intense treatments for skin renewal.

A medical chemical peel is a skincare procedure that utilizes an abrasive chemical solution which is applied to the skin. This removes the top layers of skin throughout the healing process and as a result, later reveals smoother, younger, more supple looking skin. This peel can help those who are struggling with wrinkles, scarring, and skin discoloration or be used to improve skin that may not be struggling as well. Depending on the kind of results you’re trying to achieve, you can receive varying types of medical chemical peels. These vary from light, medium, and deep penetration chemical peels which go deeper into the skin and remove layers deeper down. The more intense the peel, the better the results but they will include longer recovery times.

The benefits of receiving medical chemical peels are abundant and drastic. With standard chemical peels, the superficial outer layers of the skin erode and begin to flake off during the recovery process. As those layers begin to remove themselves, your skin will not only look better but feel better. If you struggle with fine lines and wrinkles, acne or acne scars, uneven skin tone, and/or facial dryness, receiving regular medical chemical peel can greatly improve your skin and battle these issues. The worse your conditions may be, you may be advised to partake in more intense chemical peels in order to drastically improve skin issues. After regular chemical peels, your pore size can also minimize and if you struggle with acne, these peels have the potential to eradicate your acne altogether. If you struggle with age spots, dark spots, or sun damage, chemical peels can also treat these issues and allow for the skin to live spot-free. Keep in mind, results may vary but chemical peels are a great way to put your skin’s health into good hands.

When considering receiving medical chemical peels, it is essential to inspect if you are a good candidate. Since this peel involves chemicals, it is important to ensure your safety before partaking. Discuss with your doctor about any previous or current medical history that may put you more at risk for complications. If you struggle with heart, kidney, or liver conditions, consider not participating in deep penetrating chemical peels. Deep chemical peels utilize carbolic acid, which can cause damage to the heart muscle and as a result, cause your heart to beat irregularly. This chemical can also cause damage to the liver or kidney. Doctors usually ensure to limit your exposure to this chemical, but it is best to run this by your doctor beforehand if you have any complications. Also notify your doctor if you are using retinoid creams or any medications that make your skin more sensitive, as these may effect the penetration of the chemical peels. Additionally, allow your doctor to do a physical exam of your skin before the chemical peel so they can determine which type of chemical peel might benefit you the most. Be sure to talk to your doctor about your expectations and potential concerns before you partake in a chemical peel to ensure that you and your doctor are realistic about results as well as frequency of peels in the future.

Medical chemical peels are a great tool to utilize in transforming your skin and its health. These peels are more intense, but they do prove to provide dramatic results for those who need it. Learn more about our Aesthetic Training Course in Reno, NV today, or visit our website at www.aestheticsmedicaltraining.net.

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