Laser Safety & Laser Treatments

Theory and technique in the effective health and safety use of the medical laser for hair reduction, the process of the hair growth and treatment duration for each patient with consideration of skin type and sensitivity of treatment theory and technique of spider veins, laser acne, treatment of wrinkle reduction and hyper pigmented lesions and the process of each treatment duration with consideration for each patient's skin type.

Day 1

Theory instruction into the procedure for the use of cosmetic lasers and the safety of the laser for aesthetics procedures, with information into the Fitzpatrick skin types, to determine aesthetics treatment procedures for all skin conditions.

The laser system, the dermatological system overview based on a combination of two different types of energy, the difference between the two types of energy and the benefits of these energies for the safety of treatments.

The protocol of the operating system, the calibration, service and information overview, the procedure for operating the cosmetics laser system, the difference between all applicators and the benefits of all applicators.

Day 2

Theory and technique into the procedure for laser hair removal treatment in consideration to the three stages of the hair growth cycle, the time of treatment VS the hair stage and the time frame between each treatment and individual age and ethnic origin.

Contraindications for the treatment of laser hair removal, the ideal candidate for the laser hair removal procedure and the Fitzpatrick skin type to determine the best client and the internals of treatment.

Indications into the areas of laser hair removal, treatment parameters for each patient, and post care follow up procedures.

Hands on training into several areas for the treatment of laser hair removal, student will demo procedures under educator supervision.

Day 3

Theory and technique into the procedure for laser skin rejuvenation treatment, in consideration to the skin renewal system, the skin conditions that need to be treated from superficial vascular lesions to epidermal pigmented lesions to acne scars.

Contraindications into the treatments of skin renewal, choosing the ideal candidate, the procedure for each treatment and the length of intervals recommended for each treatment, based on the Fitzpatrick skin type. Indications into the difference of each treatment, patient post care and post follow up care.

Hands on training into several skin renewal treatments, for the benefits of skin rejuvenation, student will demo procedures under educator supervision.

Certification received up completion of class:

All Educators will receive 7 CEU Credits

Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts Professional Skincare

The Laser Safety and Laser Treatment Class is a 3 day class from 10am - 4pm


All classes are administered by a licensed aesthetics medical educator. 



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