Maintaining Healthy Skin

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Healthy skin starts from within.

Think about it, when you cut open a cantaloupe, honey dew, or pumpkin that has been in the winter cold and the summer sun, and how it yet maintains its lush, bright and healthy color within.

Perhaps we should consider the same when we think about why our skin seems to be dull, blemished, and dry.

There a various reasons that rescinds the natural healthy appearance of our skin.   Such as if we are too busy to eat 3 balanced meals of fruits, vegetable and nuts. Stress causing frown lines, fried foods filled with unhealthy oils and then there are every day environmental pollutants, which can take a tool on our skin. Also using unnecessary product on our skin, or the wrong products for our skin type will cause damage to our skin.

One way of restoring the skin to its Healthiest appearance is through professional facials, Skin Peels and/or IPL treatments (Intense Pulse Light).

Aesthetics Medspa can assist you in restoring your skin to its healthy, radiant appearance and get your natural glow back.

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