Best Spa Facial Treatments in Reno Nevada

Organic Peptide

Papaya, pineapple, pumpkin and mango infused blend of organic effective ingredients designed to rebalance skin.


Sugar Sweet

Sugar and fruit acids are combined with pharmaceutucal formulations to skin. Peels reveal smaller pores, minimized scars, finer lines and a clearer, younger complexion.

Vita C Radiance

Advanced peptide / antioxidant formula for rosacea condition and loaded with nutrution for maturing skin. Moisture rich for post peel/post-operative skin.


Acne Facials

Higher concentrations of performance ingre- dients will reduce inflammation and the spread of bacteria in acne. Experience the solution for ongoing acne.

best spa facial treatments in Reno Nevada

Back Treatments

Steamed basalt is applied to pressure points with Shiatsu style massage. A cloud 9 experience incorporating sugar/salt scrubs and a customized skincare protocol for back skin.

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